269,000 newcomers in Canada and other news

269,000 newcomers in Canada and other news

Where is Canada on the list of the best countries in the world, how long do you need to work in Canada to buy an iPhone and other news of the week.

COVID restrictions are finally lifted. As of October 1, travelers no longer need to get vaccinated, get tested for COVID-19, fill out their data on a governmental app, report symptoms of illness, or even wear a mask. Canada imposed these restrictions during the pandemic along with other countries but removed them later than many states.

Immigration and living in Canada

Canada is seeing record population growth due to immigration. In the second quarter of 2022, the number of residents increased by 0.7% compared to the first quarter, which is almost 285,000 people. 269,000 of them are newcomers. 118,000 people came for permanent residence. Another 157,000 are temporary residents. Among them are asylum seekers, foreign workers, students, and Ukrainians who fled the war. Statistics also show that the population of Canada "rejuvenated" for the first time in many years: the average age dropped to 41 years. Such trends are expected because Canada intends to issue more than 431,000 PR permits in 2022.

After moving, immigrants often search for rent in Canada focusing only on price. This is a big mistake. When choosing housing, it is important to take into account various factors and always analyze the neighbourhood where the house or apartment is located in advance. We talked about several ways to analyze the neighbourhood, which will help you avoid the ghetto and settle in a safe and comfortable place.

Working and studying in Canada

The Government of Canada is giving foreign doctors more opportunities to obtain permanent residence. In Canada, it is common for hospitals to conclude contracts with doctors as self-employed instead of hiring them. This hindered their further immigration as programs require employment experience. Now, self-employed doctors are eligible to register in Express Entry and apply for federal immigration programs. In 2022, Canada has already accepted 8,600 residence applications from candidates who are going to work in healthcare.

Canada also takes care of other foreign workers. New measures to protect employees were announced. Now employers are required to inform foreign workers about their rights in Canada, reprisals against employees who file complaints are prohibited, and it is forbidden to charge for employment. The company is also obliged to provide employees with access to medicine and provide insurance if necessary.

Many people come to Canada not only to work but also to study. Canadian education is valued around the world, but it is very different from education in other countries. We talked about the features of Canadian education. How to get a study permit, are there any entry exams, what types of graduation documents exist, what are academic credits, and much more. By the way, entering a Canadian college or university is a sure immigration way.

Canada in the tops

An analytics portal did cross-country research to find out how many days you need to work to save up for a new iPhone 14 Pro. Canada made it into the top 10, coming in seventh, ahead of Norway, Germany, the UK, and many other countries. The average Canadian needs to work about 8 days to buy a gadget. It costs $1,399 CAD.

This is not the only ranking where Canada is in the lead. A new 2022 best countries index appeared. Last year, Canada was first, but now it is third, behind Switzerland and Germany. Canada is praised for its quality of life, its ability to adapt to change, and its social goals.

Immigration draws

During the week, Canada held several draws and invited more than 7,600 people.

On September 27, the province of British Columbia selected 268 candidates in a targeted draw. Tech professionals, childhood educators, healthcare professionals, and veterinarians were invited.

3,750 people received invitations in an Express Entry draw on September 28. The trend that has developed this year continues: more people are selected in each draw, and the passing score is falling, although it still remains higher than before the pandemic.

On the same day, there was a draw in Saskatchewan, in which the region chose 1,146 specialists. All candidates had one of the in-demand occupations. This time, the province needed workers in different sectors.

Three draws in a row were held by the province of Ontario. In the first draw on September 27, 3 candidates from the Skilled Worker stream were invited. Only refugees who found work in the provinces were selected. The next day, the draw for candidates with in-demand occupations took place. The region chose 1,179 people, they were IT managers, engineers, analysts, developers, and web designers. In Ontario's latest draw on September 29, 1,340 skilled trades workers were selected. The passing score in this draw was a record low for the entire year.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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