Best countries in the world 2022: where does Canada rank?

Best countries in the world 2022: where does Canada rank?

Experts again praised the quality of life in the country.

Canada lost the top spot that it held in the 2021 world's best countries ranking. Nevertheless, Canada is still ahead of many states, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and so on.

The Best Countries Index is compiled annually by US News & World Report in cooperation with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the BAV Group marketing company. It is based on 73 different parameters and includes 85 countries.

Last year, Canada was ranked number one because of its quality of life and social goals. The country's flexible development, opportunities for entrepreneurship and education, and economic and political stability were also noted.

This time the first spot went to Switzerland. Experts particularly appreciated its openness to business and quality of life. In the top 10, Sweden showed the biggest rise, moving up 4 spots. And among the first 50 countries, the largest drop was recorded in Russia, 12 spots down since 2021.

Canada this time ranks third. The top 10 countries in 2022 are as follows:

  1. Switzerland;
  2. Germany;
  3. Canada;
  4. United States;
  5. Sweden;
  6. Japan;
  7. Australia;
  8. United Kingdom;
  9. France;
  10. Denmark.

Canada particularly stands out in several respects. The country is ranked third in quality of life, third in agility and adaptability, and fifth in social goals.

Examples of other countries in the ranking:

  • Finland — 15 place;
  • China — 17 place;
  • United Arab Emirates — 21 place;
  • India — 31 place;
  • Mexico — 33 place;
  • Russia — 36 place;
  • Indonesia — 41 place;
  • Romania — 54 place;
  • Ukraine — 62 place;
  • Bangladesh — 71 place.

If the list of the top 10 countries is quite logical, the last 5 countries are quite unexpected:

  • Serbia — 81 place;
  • Kazakhstan — 82 place;
  • Iran — 83 place;
  • Uzbekistan — 84 place;
  • Belarus — 85 place.

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