Canadian province poaches specialists again

Canadian province poaches specialists again

The advertising campaign is aimed at attracting Canadians and immigrants from other provinces.

The province of Alberta is once again trying to lure in people from other regions. The region has launched the second phase of an advertising campaign to attract workers from Toronto and Vancouver.

The event, called Alberta is Calling, has a budget of $2.6 million CAD. The province has previously taken steps to attract Canadians and newcomers. The last campaign had a great response among Canadians, as seen in Alberta's social media activity. In the second phase, ads will be placed in newspapers, on billboards, and in subway stations.

Alberta uses the benefits of living in the province as advertising, such as more affordable housing, lower cost of living, high wages, low taxes, and career opportunities.

There are currently more than 100,000 job openings in the region, and 78% of businesses report a shortage of workers. Salaries in Alberta are among the highest in Canada, with an average income of $1,125 CAD per week. Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta's largest cities, are among the world's top 10 metropolitan areas with the most affordable housing. Rental prices in these cities are 20-30% lower than in Toronto and Vancouver.

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