International students can still study in Canada remotely

International students can still study in Canada remotely

The measures will remain in effect for some time.

The Canadian government once more extended a temporary measure that allows international students to study remotely while remaining eligible for a subsequent Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). The relaxation was introduced during the pandemic and will continue until August 31, 2023.

This year is given for students to return to full-time study. Those who applied for work permit before August 31 of this year can complete their studies entirely remotely. However, studying as of September 1 will not be counted to the length of the PGWP.

For students whose studies start after September 1, the conditions are slightly different. They can study remotely, too, but to get the PGWP they will have to complete at least half of the academic program in person. The time of their distance learning will also be deducted from the period for which the PGWP will be issued.

Thus, students can still study at a Canadian university or college remotely from their home country, but it is recommended that they come to Canada as soon as possible.

Getting a Canadian education is a sure way to immigrate. But many applicants now face delays in obtaining study permits, so if you're planning to apply to a Canadian institution, start early. Contact us to choose a college or university and program, as well as apply for your study visa.

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