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I had my education assessed in Canada in two weeks without diplomas

I had my education assessed in Canada in two weeks without diplomas

I got my diplomas evaluated under the Canadian education system without having my diplomas or grades in hand.

I will talk about the new simplified credential assessment program at WES, how much it costs, how to translate documents, and why I needed the evaluation after 6 years of living in Canada.

What is WES

WES is one of several Canadian organizations that are dedicated to comparing education obtained in other countries with the Canadian equivalent.

According to the WES report, my degrees are bachelor's and master's. I studied programming for 5 years and got a specialist diploma. I had to study for 6 years for a master's degree, but 5 years were enough for Canada. So now I am not just a blogger and co-owner of a Canadian immigration company, I am also a master of computer science.

I have never had my diploma evaluated before, my family and I originally immigrated to the province of Quebec. In 2011, we just had our diplomas and grades translated into French. Now, most immigration programs give points for diplomas or there are minimum education requirements. So you will have to do a diploma evaluation with the WES or similar organization to immigrate.

When we moved to Canada, I left my diplomas in Kyiv, and I only have low-quality black-and-white pictures.

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