Where did the severe staffing shortage in Canada come from?

Where did the severe staffing shortage in Canada come from?

Experts explain that the problem is not only in the lockdown, and offer a way out of the situation.

Statistics Canada is lifting the veil on a question that has plagued thousands of would-be immigrants: Where did Canada's labour market crisis come from?

The study showed an unprecedented level of migration of workers between sectors. This trend affects not only — traditionally — services and catering, but also finance, technology and real estate.

Canadians decided to make a career change at a time when no one else was available to take their former jobs. The unemployment rate is now about 4.9 percent, the lowest level since 1970. Only about 1 million people are considered unemployed, an all-time low since 1981, while the labor force has grown by 61% since then.

The most notable influx of personnel over the past 2-3 years shows the following areas:

  • scientific and technical services (19.5%);
  • public administration (17.1%);
  • finance, insurance and real estate (14.4%).

The information, culture and recreation, and educational services industries showed good results — about 10% each.

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