First offline job fair and other Canadian news

First offline job fair and other Canadian news

Immigration Canada databases have been hacked, Canadians are expecting a cold winter, and Canada will hold a new job fair.

Funny news from Toronto. A resident auctioned one cheese stick, renting for that a huge billboard. For this stick, he was offered two purebred cats, an old cement carrier, a pack of cereals and even someone's girlfriend.

Investing in living conditions

Canada pays a lot of attention to improving living conditions. British Columbia is investing nearly $30 million CAD in the safety of its citizens by launching several disaster protection projects. The funds will be used to strengthen houses and protect buildings and structures from landslides, which are a problem for the province.

The country is also striving to improve the conditions for keeping farm animals. About $3 million CAD is invested in the agricultural industry. The money is intended to improve animal welfare and introduce new technologies. This is expected to support the industry and help Canada provide itself and the world with safe food.

Attention is as well paid to victims of domestic violence. $30 million CAD is invested in psychological assistance development. The money will be used to support and develop existing hotlines through which victims can apply for help, as well as to prevent gender-based violence. During the pandemic, the number of calls on the hotlines has grown, so crisis centers are hiring volunteers and developing effective psychological counseling protocols.

$225 million CAD will be paid to parents of schoolchildren in Ontario as part of post-pandemic support. The details are unknown yet, the authorities of the region will provide information later.

Breaches and data leaks

Now some negative events. Hackers broke into the databases of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It is reported that many confidential data of immigrants have been leaked. Most likely, the leak affected such information as the names, phone numbers, and unique identification numbers of the applicants. The scale and consequences of the leak are not specified yet.

ArriveCAN governmental application, which is required to enter Canada, has come under scrutiny. Experts believe that it violates the rights of citizens to free movement and misinforms people about the need for vaccination and quarantine. Before that, the app mistakenly was sending people messages about the need to self-isolate.

Work in Canada

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, the province of New Brunswick will hold an offline job fair. It will take place this September in three cities in Brazil. Citizens of any country can participate; you can sign up online.

You need to prove your work experience to immigrate to Canada. While it's not difficult for officially employed candidates, freelancers need to take into account some nuances. In our article, we talked about how to confirm work experience as a self-employed person.

If you have work experience in the health care sector, finding employment in Canada will be very difficult. Health care professionals have to pass exams, get a license and often need to retrain. The province of Ontario decided to solve the problem and will simplify the licensing process for foreign doctors and nurses.

Immigration draws

On August 10, British Columbia invited 175 professionals in a double draw. The province held a general drawing among specialists and university graduates, as well as a targeted selection for sought-after professions. These are doctors, orderlies, childhood educators and veterinarians.

On August 11, an immigration draw was held in Saskatchewan. Candidates of certain occupations were invited, as well as candidates registered in the Express Entry system. A total of 745 invitations were sent.

On the same day, 345 candidates were invited to Manitoba under the streams for skilled workers in the province, skilled workers overseas and international graduates.

Other news

Cold lovers can rejoice. Weather forecasters promise a very frosty winter in Canada. The temperature will drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Heavy rainfall, freezing rain and wind are also expected.

What delicious and unusual things can you try in Canada? We figured out the intricacies of national cuisine and learned about the strangest dishes and even a dish whose traditional name people don't like.

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