Severe shortage of immigrants and other Canadian news

Severe shortage of immigrants and other Canadian news

The most important events of the last week of July.

High-profile events

Last week, a very important event for Canada took place, the visit of Pope Francis. He apologized to the indigenous communities for the Church's role in the genocide that once took place in Canada. Many considered his words not sincere enough because the pontiff read from a sheet. However, the Pope noted that this is just the first step toward reconciliation.

It seems that there is still a lot of work ahead. For example, indigenous people are much less likely to trust the Canadian police than other people in the country. Black people also trust the police less. We found out how much Canadians trust their police and what misunderstandings there are between people and officers.

Another high-profile event. The Freedom Convoy protest movement organizer was released on bail. This winter, large-scale protests against forced vaccination took place in Canada, after which the organizer Tamara Lich was arrested. She was threatened with up to 10 years in prison, but the court canceled the punishment. The trial is not yet over, but it's unlikely that she will be sent to prison.

Labour shortage

Another important topic of the week is the shortage of workers in Canada. The problem reaches critical proportions, and companies have to take action. A Toronto-based startup is hiring virtual cashiers to work in restaurants and take orders from customers online. The company has already hired more than 100 employees from other countries.

Canadian hospitals have to turn to outsourcing companies to fill the shortage of nurses. This is much more expensive, but there are no other options because employees are increasingly choosing to outsource for a better work-life balance.

The province of British Columbia offers its residents new courses which help to master in-demand occupations and improve their English. The education is funded by the regional government. Citizens and newcomers can use the opportunity.

Document processing times for foreign employees have changed. According to the latest statistics, Canada is now processing Labour Market Impact Assessment applications faster. This document is needed when a Canadian company wants to hire a person from abroad. Thus, the process of employment in Canada is accelerated.

Housing in Canada

Negative news for those who plan to rent housing in Canada. Despite the decline in real estate prices, the cost of rent has increased. The reason is that the increase in the key interest rate makes it more difficult to buy real estate, so more people choose to rent. Owners take advantage of the opportunity to raise prices and demand payment for several months in advance.

Lack of immigrants

Regions of Canada are in dire need of immigrants. The province of Ontario asked the federal Immigration Minister to invite more candidates for permanent residence. There are currently 370,000 vacant jobs in the region. Three more provinces later joined Ontario. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have also asked for more immigrants.

It is not always easy for immigrants to start a new life in Canada. The Waterloo region in Ontario conducted a study and found that newcomers find adapting and finding housing the most difficult when settling in a new place. In second place are difficulties in finding a job and overcoming the language barrier.

Speaking of languages in Canada. Many people know that Canada is officially a bilingual country, where the official languages are English and French. Do you think this means that all Canadians are bilingual? In fact, each of the languages is more common in certain regions. In our article, we tell what languages are spoken in different regions of Canada and where you may experience language discrimination.

Immigration draws

On July 26, a draw took place in British Columbia. The province sent out 183 invitations to candidates in the general draw and the targeted draw for certain professions. Childhood educators, healthcare specialists and veterinarians were lucky this time.

On July 27, a major draw took place in Saskatchewan. 748 people were invited in two streams: Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry.

On the same day, a draw was held in the province of Ontario. Invitations were received by only 2 foreign workers who participated in the Economic Mobility Program for refugees.

Education in Canada

Let's finish the news compilation with information useful to immigrants moving with their families. In our article, we talked about how the education system in Canada works: at what age do children go to school, how many classes are obligatory, and whether you need to pay for school.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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