Schooling in Canada

Schooling in Canada

We have figured out Canada's education system for children.

Canada's education system is considered one of the most effective in the world. Teachers' qualifications are upgraded every year. New curricula and supplemental materials are introduced that make learning interesting for children and provide all the necessary knowledge. This article focuses on the details and nuances of schooling in Canada.

General Information

Much of Canada's school structure varies from province to province and even region to region. An important detail is that children can study only in the school that is connected to their area of residence. School usually begins in late August or early September and ends in late May or early June.

Canada has a 12-year system of education. This is different only in Quebec, where children attend school for 11 years and another 2 years in a special preparatory department before entering college or university. Parents put their children in school at age 4-6 in the first "preparatory" classes.

There are several types of schools in Canada. The most popular are public comprehensive schools and private schools. The former are free for Canadian citizens and residents. Private schools are fee-based. Private schools are required to follow a provincial or territorial curriculum, but they might include more independent work or more advanced study in certain subjects.

In addition, Canada has a system of home schooling, but it is not widespread — less than percent of Canadians choose this type of education. There are boarding schools (which involve students living on school premises), specialized Montessori/Waldorf educational institutions, the Arrowsmith School, and institutions for children with disabilities.

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