Why is it so difficult to find a job in Canada?

Why is it so difficult to find a job in Canada?

Despite a large labour shortage, many Canadian companies are not hiring foreigners. Why?

The Canadian media constantly reports that there is a labour shortage in almost all areas of the job market. The provincial immigration programs bring in foreign workers to make up for the lack of specialists. If you type in any occupation on a job search website, you will see hundreds or even thousands of openings, for example, on the popular Indeed website there are more than 3,000 jobs for welders.

However, if you try to apply to any of them, you will quickly realize that getting a job in Canada is extremely difficult. You will probably have to send out your CV hundreds or thousands of times before an employer is interested in you. Why does this happen?

Immigration through job

Employment in Canada is one of the surest ways to immigrate because candidates with Canadian work experience benefit from additional immigration programs and get more points.

Recently, there has been especially much attention to such candidates. For example, last year several immigration programs were launched for those who work in Canada, and several more for candidates who found a job in one of the provinces. This year some Canadian regions also launched new programs, the eligibility requirements are very simple, but you have to find a job.

In addition, the federal government did not stand aside and promised to launch a new federal program by September, especially for those who work in Canada. Under this program, they want to grant permanent residency faster. So why is it difficult to find a job when there is such a shortage of specialists in Canada?

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