Ottawa in seventh place in the latest ranking of the world's cities

Ottawa in seventh place in the latest ranking of the world

Three other Canadian cities made the list.

The annual ranking of cities by Kisi, a developer of electronic security systems, this year also focuses on work-life balance. To compile the rankings, they studied open data on 51 U.S. cities and 49 cities around the world that the company deemed global economic centers suitable for comparison.

Cities were evaluated on 19 parameters, divided into three large groups:

  • the intensity of work: how much and how people work, how often they go on vacation, what the levels of unemployment and inflation are;
  • government support: how have people been affected by two years of the pandemic, what is the state of the health care system, how protected are the rights of women and LGBT people;
  • the vitality of the city: how expensive life is in the city, how safe it is to live in the city, whether there is enough entertainment, green areas, places for sports.

European cities top the list, Ottawa is first on the list in North America. Residents of the following cities have the best work-life balance in 2022:

  1. Oslo, Norway.
  2. Bern, Switzerland.
  3. Helsinki, Finland.
  4. Zurich, Switzerland.
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  6. Geneva, Switzerland.
  7. Ottawa, Canada.

Vancouver ranked 16th, Toronto was 19th and Calgary was 30th. Last year, all the Canadian cities listed, including Ottawa, were closer to the top of the rankings, but this year's result is not bad either.

Let's take a closer look at Canadian cities.

  Ottawa Vancouver Toronto Calgary
Unemployment rate (in points; the higher the point, the lower it is) 95,8 93,5 90,4 88,7
Number of people employed in more than one job (%) 5,6 6,7 5,6 6,2
Impact of coronavirus (in points; the higher the point, the lower it is) 78,5 77 75,3 75,7
Accessibility and quality of health care (in points) 96,7 96,8 97,2 97
Monthly income after taxes and basic expenses (in points) 70,7 66,1 73 79,4
The level of personal happiness according to the residents themselves, the number of cultural and recreational activities 81,4 79,6 90,1 78,7
Environmental, social and infrastructural safety of the city (in points) 84,8 79,2 77,3 73,6
Number and availability of green spaces (in points) 97 85,6 90,4 77,3
Air pollution (in points; the higher the point, the lower it is) 99,2 99,7 97,2 99,4
General health status of the population, the level of physical activity, the number of gyms (in points) 68,7 64,1 65,6 65,9
Total score 95,51 92,23 91,12 89,38
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