Canada is not going to abolish the mask regime

Canada is not going to abolish the mask regime

On April 19, the prime minister stated that the government would only listen to medics.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Transportation Minister Omar Algabra said independently that there are no plans to make any changes to current epidemiological restrictions. Although the U.S. abolished the mask regime on Monday, Canadian doctors believe it is still too early to be on public transportation without masks. Many Canadians, according to a recent sociological survey, fully support these concerns.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration obeyed a federal court ruling that found the mask requirement insufficiently justified and in violation of lawmaking standards. Airports, major airlines and cab aggregator Uber immediately allowed passengers to refuse masks.

Canadian bans are not affected by the U.S. court ruling, even if Canadian transport crosses the U.S. or any other border. At train stations and airports, on trains and planes, employees and passengers are still required to wear a mask and show their vaccination certificates before boarding. After traveling, Canadians and visitors must follow directives from the federal government and wear masks for two weeks, even outdoors.

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