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British Columbia offers help to Ukrainians

British Columbia offers help to Ukrainians

About 20% of refugees from Ukraine to Canada are going to settle in this province.

The government of the province of British Columbia has launched a special portal in Ukrainian, Russian and English detailing the services available to people from Ukraine under the CUAET program. There is a Hotline for incoming Ukrainians, which also has Ukrainian— and Russian-speaking counselors.

Those who get a work permit are provided with public health insurance. To start using it, you must obtain a personal health care number (PNH).

School-age children (ages 5 to 18) need to be registered with their local school. You can use the portal to find out which school district you belong to where you live.

The province has very ambitious plans for economic development over the next decade, so it is ready to welcome large numbers of Ukrainians. You can learn more about helping newcomers in B.C. by following link.

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