Immigrant.Today employee received a Canadian visa

Immigrant.Today employee received a Canadian visa

Together with her family and two dogs, Elena left Boryspil (Kiev region) on March 8.

Elena's family traveled two days by Red Cross train to Poland. In Warsaw, they were placed in a refugee center, where they stayed for ten days and then left for the Netherlands.

As soon as possible, Elena applied for a visa under the Canadian-Ukrainian Emergency Entry Permit. The application was filled out for the whole family at once: the application form was filled out for Elena herself, her husband, and three minor children.

The couple and the eldest child were photographed and fingerprinted at the Canadian visa center in The Hague, where it was realistic to sign up in the next few days. That's how the family was approved two weeks after their application.

In the photo you can see the electronic queue registration terminal — when people arrive at the appointed time, they get a coupon, and then wait to be called. Below is the room where biometric data are handed in.

Ticketing terminal at the Canadian visa center

Room for biometric data submission at the Canadian visa center

I had to visit the visa center twice. First by appointment — to take fingerprints and photos. Then without an appointment — to give the passports. In a week or two passports with visas will be brought by a courier, whose services were paid in advance.

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