Canada soon to announce 2022-2024 immigration plan

Canada soon to announce 2022-2024 immigration plan

This will be the first announcement of goals since October 2020.

The Canadian government is preparing to announce a new immigration plan for 2022-2024 by February. The plan will contain immigration goals for this year and the next two years, as well as the number of new immigrants Canada will seek to admit through immigration programs.

This would be the first such announcement since Canada announced a plan for 2021-2023 in October 2020, in which it set a goal of receiving more than 400,000 immigrants annually. In 2021, the goal was 401,000 people, and the country has managed to achieve that, setting a historical record.

Under Canadian law, the country must announce an immigration plan by November 1 each year. That did not happen in 2021, as Parliament was dissolved because of an early September election. Officials will reconvene on Jan. 31, and Immigration Secretary Sean Fraser has until Jan. 11 to make the announcement.

Under the current plan, Canada will seek to admit 411,000 new immigrants in 2022:

These proportions have been in place for a long time, so it is likely that they will remain in 2022.

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