Canada will help those who immigrate to rural towns

Canada will help those who immigrate to rural towns

The government allocated a large sum for services for newcomers.

Immigration Canada has allocated a $35-million CAD investment to expand services for newly arrived immigrants who have settled in rural areas. The government notes that during a pandemic, it is especially difficult for residents to settle in a new place.

As part of the immigrant assistance program, 23 projects were selected to help newcomers settle and adapt to Canada. Particular attention was given to small and medium-sized cities and rural communities.

"Immigrants and refugees have long been a driving force in Canadian society and the economy, and our country is proud to be an international leader in immigration and integration," said Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

Immigrant support includes:

  • financial aid for the first year of living in Canada or until the immigrant starts earning enough money;
  • help in learning the language and finding a job;
  • support for French-speaking immigrants, and more.

Thanks to this new residents will contribute to the country's economic recovery in the future.

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