Canada's 2022 immigrant intake plans


New programs and cancellation of state fees. What else is the government preparing for immigrants?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has defined the country's immigration strategy for the coming year. New Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has been given a mandate letter outlining the priorities the minister must adhere to during the Liberal Party administration.

The Mandate Letter is the document that most affects Canada's immigration system. It affects not only federal but also provincial immigration programs.

The main provisions of the writing include:

  • speeding up the processing of applications for permanent residence;
  • creating new streams through Express Entry for foreign graduates and temporary workers in Canada;
  • priority admission of immigrants working in agriculture;
  • accepting and processing applications for family reunification programmes in electronic format;
  • Creating a new municipal immigration program, primarily to attract immigrants to small communities;
  • The elimination of the Canadian citizenship application fee;
  • launching a system of trusted employers for companies that hire foreigners and improving global talent flow by facilitating the issuance of work permits;
  • Settlement of undocumented worker status;
  • support for the immigration of French-speaking candidates, primarily to the province of Quebec;
  • Increased reception of human rights refugees;
  • Reception of 40,000 refugees from Afghanistan (instead of 20,000 as previously planned);
  • Recruiting 2,000 qualified refugees to make up for shortages in the health sector;
  • combating inequality and discrimination;
  • joint work with the U.S. on illegal immigration.

In addition, according to immigration plan, Canada will be aiming for a goal of welcoming 411,000 new immigrants in 2022.

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