8 small towns in Ontario with a real Christmas spirit

8 small towns in Ontario with a real Christmas spirit

Life in these places can be like the plot of a Christmas movie, where there is room for a real miracle. And you can touch it during a little trip over the holidays!

If you've long wanted to feel like the star of a Hallmark Christmas movie, small-town Ontario has your best chance.

We have prepared for you a short list of places where you can experience the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays.


In this city the Christmas atmosphere is so strong that many festive films are made here. And because of this, Almonte is called the "mini Hollywood of the North".


The decorations in this small Ontario town are top notch. Stratford literally sparkles with lights. So a stroll through it can be truly magical, thanks to garlands, spruce wreaths and hot cocoa.


The people of this town are very proud of the fact that Christmas films such as A Christmas Legacy (2017) and The Holiday Calendar (2018) were filmed here.


This city hosts the largest street lighting festival in Eastern Ontario. Literally 1 million lights go to decorate buildings and trees!


The square conveys the spirit of Christmas in this town. It looks like a movie set with a pretty gazebo, twinkling lights and Christmas trees.


This small Ontario town is decorated with garlands every holiday season.

St. Jacobs

Not only can you do your holiday shopping in this city, but you can also check out the annual St. Jacobs Sparkles event.


The Festival of Lights in this city is original in that a huge number of Christmas trees are decorated here.

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