Toronto is the best city in the world for working women

Toronto is the best city in the world for working women

Women can feel financially independent and supported in motherhood, and that is not all.

Major American business magazine Bloomberg Businessweek has published the results of a study on the quality of life of working women in 15 major cities around the world. Toronto came in first place, with Sydney in second and Singapore in third.

The study found that in all cities, working conditions were not good enough for female employees. Toronto, for example, scored 3.66 out of a possible 5. And it shows that social and gender inequalities still persist.

For its analysis, Bloomberg Businessweek chose major shopping malls that attract financial and business professionals from other countries.

The evaluation was formed from 6 criteria:

  • safety;
  • mobility;
  • maternity support;
  • equality;
  • potential earnings;
  • financial independence.

Toronto received high scores for equality, maternal support, safety, potential earnings and financial independence. Mobility was rated low because of traffic problems and an outdated subway.

According to Lara Zink, president and CEO of Women Professionals Advocacy, women are more likely to be paid less and face career obstacles.

The survey found that only 37% of Toronto women feel they are treated on par with their male counterparts.

However, experts say that despite the shortcomings, progress is indeed visible. As Lara Zink observes, gender equality is becoming a necessity for many Canadian companies.

Toronto is often included in world rankings. For example, it was recognized as the best city for IT professionals. And it is not surprising, because the city has really good conditions for highly qualified specialists.

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