Living in Canada: How much does it cost to live in Vancouver?

Living in Canada: How much does it cost to live in Vancouver?

We have compiled for you the current prices for a wide variety of expenses. We are sure you will be surprised!

Vancouver is one of Canada's most populous cities. It is very ethnically diverse. And its nature often attracts the film industry. It is sometimes called one of the cleanest and greenest places on the planet.

But at the same time Vancouver ranks second in the ranking of expensive cities in Canada. In first place is Toronto. You can find out the cost of living there here.

According to Expatistan, a cost database, the average cost of living per person per month in Vancouver is $3,440 CAD (195,567.5 ₽ or 73,067 ₴). A family of four spends $6,030 CAD (342,812 ₽ or 128,079 ₴).

We have decided to present you the costs of one person by category. The prices are current as of October 2021.

Rental housing costs in Vancouver

An 85 sqm furnished apartment in an expensive neighborhood will cost you $2,829 CAD (160,831.5 ₽ or 60,089 ₴) per month. The same apartment in a regular neighborhood would cost $2,141 CAD (121,718 ₽ or 45,476 ₴) per month. You will pay $100 CAD (5,685 ₽ or 2,124 ₴) for utilities (electricity, heating, air conditioning, water, garbage disposal) for two in such an apartment.

If you choose to live in a 45 sqm studio with furniture, it will cost $2,187 CAD (124,333 ₽ or 46,453 ₴) per month in the expensive area, and $1,408 CAD (80,046 ₽ or 29,906 ₴) in the regular one. For utilities for two, you'll have to pay $93 CAD (5,287 ₽ or 1,975).

You'll pay $66 CAD (3,752 ₽ or 1,402 ₴ for a month of 8 mbps Internet.)

How much does it cost to get to Vancouver?

If walking to and from work doesn't appeal to you, you can buy a monthly pass and use public transportation. It will cost $131 CAD (7,447.5 ₽ or 2,782, 5 ₴).

But after a long day at work, many people sometimes just want to hail a taxi. In Vancouver, a weekday taxi ride will cost $28 CAD (1,592 ₽ or 595 ₴), assuming this is the base fare and you travel 8 km.

The cost of food in Vancouver

On a business day, you can have lunch in the business centre. For a basic lunch with drinks, you will pay $23 CAD (1,308 ₽ or 488.5 ₴). A fast food snack will cost $11 CAD (625 ₽ or 234 ₴).

Still, most Canadians prefer to cook for themselves. Suppose you decide to go to the store. You have chosen 500g boneless chicken breast, 1 liter whole milk, 12 large eggs, 1 kg each of tomatoes, apples and potatoes, 500g local cheese, bread (for two for 1 day), 0.5 liter local beer, 1 bottle of good red wine and 2 liters of Coca-Cola. This basket will cost you $62.4 CAD (3,547.5 ₽ or 1,325 ₴).

How much does it cost to entertain in Vancouver

The advantage of big cities is entertainment for all tastes. Any date can be perfect: go to the movies — $31 CAD (1,762 ₽ or 658.5 ₴) or the theatre — for $192 CAD (10,915 ₽ or 4,078 ₴) you can get prime seats. You can have a good meal at an Italian restaurant in Vancouver's émigré neighbourhood. Dinner for two will cost $108 CAD (6,140 ₽ or 2,294 ₴). If you like, just end your day with dinner at a pub near home for $55 CAD (3,127 ₽ or 1,168 ₴).

Taking care of yourself

There's a ton of spending that can fall into this category. From a monthly gym membership in the business district for $63 CAD (3,581 ₽ or 1,338 ₴) to a standard male haircut in the emigrant neighborhood for $23 CAD (1,307,5 ₽ or 488.5 ₴) or a short visit (for 15 minutes) to a private doctor for $129 CAD (7,333 ₽ or 2,740 ₴).

Bottom line

Vancouver is a picturesque city with a variety of cultural venues and events. Like all big cities, there are plenty of career opportunities here. But you will have to pay $41,280 CAD (2,346,810 ₽ or 876,801 ₴) per year to live there alone.

If you want to make sure that you choose the right way and city for you when you move, book a consultation. It will help you understand how to arrange immigration in the best way for you.

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