Ontario will train 900 immigrants for free

Ontario will train 900 immigrants for free

The provincial government will spend about R52 million to train immigrants in high-demand occupations.

As part of the project for employing newcomers in Ontario launched a series of free online seminars. Immigrants will be trained in such in-demand professions as plumber, electrician, plumber, mechanic, welder, cook and others.

According to the Minister of Labour, Training and Skills, Monte McNaughton, there is a shortage of workers across the province. This program will help immigrants get those jobs by giving them training and support.

The classes will last until the end of February 2022. They will tell newcomers how to find a job and what employers are looking for. In addition, individual specialists will help to establish contacts with local companies and employment service centres.

You can find out what other in-demand professionals are needed in Ontario here.

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