Is change coming for immigration in Ontario?

Is change coming for immigration in Ontario?

The provincial government has proposed amendments to the provincial immigration program. They will affect employer offers.

On 7 October, the Department for Work, Learning and Skills proposed changes to the general provisions of the OINP programme. The changes would affect employers' job offers for a stream of specialists with in-demand skills.

The following amendments are proposed:

  1. establishing new eligibility criteria for employers who want to hire immigrants in the freight truck driver stream. Under the Employer Job Offer program for required professions employers must now be registered with Ontario's Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration System (CVOR) and demonstrate an Excellent, Satisfactory or Satisfactory-Unaudited Safety Rating (CSR).
  2. protecting successful applicants and supporting public safety on Ontario's roads. This is because employers with a low safety rating will not be able to hire foreign workers.
  3. Increasing the effectiveness of Ontario's provincial program and encouraging applications from local employers as they will be required to register their vehicles with Ontario.

The amendments are now out for public comment until November 21, 2021.

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