Nova Scotia will attract more immigrants

Nova Scotia will attract more immigrants

The provincial government will allocate 144 million rubles for the new company.

The Nova Scotia government has set itself an ambitious goal of doubling the population by 2060.

In this regard, the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration has announced plans to launch a program aimed at immigration and migration to the province. The cost of the program is $2.5 million CAD.

According to Gary Burrill, moving to the province is appealing to many because of the affordable cost of living. For the same income, Nova Scotians can afford more than Ontarians.

The province is expected to attract more immigrants. According to a spokesperson for the Department of Labour, the new program will attract immigrants on many fronts. Among them are creating businesses and jobs, increasing the workforce and education.

Because immigration is necessary for Nova Scotia to reach its potential, the government will ensure that newcomers are comfortable in accommodating newcomers.

Thus, first of all, it is necessary to solve the shortage of affordable housing. The solution of this issue will require joint efforts of both representatives of the authorities and local entrepreneurs.

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