Students from 36 countries say yes to Canada

Students from 36 countries say yes to Canada

International students told why they study at Canadian universities.

Canada has become the most sought-after country to study around the world.

As the researchers found out, it is preferred by students of 36 nationalities.

Second place in the ranking went to Spain. And third place went to England.

The reasons for Canada's popularity are simple:

  • high level of education in universities;
  • tolerant and friendly residents;
  • relatively low tuition fees;
  • scenic spots.

It's also a testament to the level of education that several Canadian cities have been named the best student cities in the world!

In addition, universities are known for their high rates of graduate employment. Canadian graduates are renowned for their high level of soft skills — skills that are now in demand among employers.

Canadian universities ranked as follows among the global ranking of employment indicators:

  • 21st place — University of Toronto. The result is 89.5 out of 100;
  • 24th place — University of Waterloo. The result is 88.7;
  • 43rd place — Western University. The result is 73.8;
  • 81st place — McMaster University. The result is 61.9;
  • 99th place — University of Alberta. The result is 57.6;
  • 101-110 places are Queen's University;
  • 131-140 places — University of Calgary;
  • 191-200 places — University of Montreal;
  • 201-250 seats — Laval University;
  • 301-500 seats are Carleton University.

To illustrate, let us compare the results of the top five Russian universities in the same ranking:

  • 121-130 places — Lomonosov Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • 171-180 places — Bauman Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University;
  • 171-180 places — St. Petersburg State University;
  • 201-250 places — National Research University Higher School of Economics;
  • 201-250 places — MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

What is surprising is that while international students are looking to study in Canada, young Canadians are interested in education in other countries, particularly France.

Nevertheless, every student wants the skills they learn at university to be in real demand in the job market. And Canada is a case where education is in step with the times.

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