Canada's immigration goals, vaccinations, third wave of COVID and other news of the week


Read the most important news of the week from 05.04 to 11.04.

Immigration news

There were three immigration selections in a week in Canada:

The province of Quebec, though it did not make selections, was also able to please immigrants and potential candidates for immigration. The new provincial budget planning allocates a large sum to attract and adapt professionals from abroad.


For a long time now, not a week goes by without news of COVID-19. Previously, several provinces in Canada imposed a lockdown, but in Ontario this week it was tightened — now only essential businesses are operating. Not everyone agrees with the restrictions. In another province, British Columbia, a restaurant owner in defiance of the authorities' order to shut it down. But the census because of the pandemic is not cancelled. Statistics Canada believes it has developed a reasonably safe plan for the procedure.

Canada continues to vaccinate its population. It is difficult to judge the success, but it is already known how many people have been able to get vaccinated so far. By the way, in addition to vaccines, COVID-19 is also available in the country. It was developed by a Vancouver-based company and approved by the Ministry of Health. The snag is that the provinces have so far decided not to use this drug.

Canada's federal government, meanwhile, has come up with a new way to encourage people to get vaccinated. And in one province, workers can get saved time off if they need time to get vaccinated. But overall, the news is disappointing. Health experts say the third wave of the pandemic is going on in Canada worse than previous ones because new strains of the virus are spreading.

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