British Columbia extends immigration pilot for entrepreneurs

British Columbia extends immigration pilot for entrepreneurs

Candidates in this category play an important role in the post-pandemic economic recovery.

With travel restrictions still in place, communities across B.C. cannot attract new entrepreneurs to grow and strengthen their local economies. Extending the business immigration pilot will help cities recover faster from the pandemic with new immigrants who will invest in and support communities.

A total of 65 communities participated in the initial pilot phase. Many will have new entrepreneurs in their communities once international travel restrictions are lifted.

The Regional Entrepreneur Pilot Project was introduced in March 2019 to support economic growth in small regional centres in British Columbia, representing an innovative collaboration between regional communities and the provincial government. Over the past two years, it has demonstrated its ability to attract entrepreneurs from around the world and contribute to regional economic development needs, despite the impact of COVID-19.

To learn more about the requirements of the entrepreneurial immigration program, visit link.

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