How to change your Canadian tourist visa to a student visa

How to change your Canadian tourist visa to a student visa

If you are in Canada on a tourist visa and want to attend a college or university, you can apply to change your visa type to a student visa.

In some cases, after coming to Canada as, for example, a guest, a person decides to stay, enrolling in a Canadian college. In this case, it is necessary to change the tourist, or rather "visitor's" visa to a student visa. Legally, this procedure is called changing immigration status to "student.

To change your immigration status to that of a student, you must obtain a study permit to study in Canada.

Note right away that there are some activities for which a study permit is not required. Generally, a study permit is not required for:

  • of studies in pre-schools;
  • completion of the distance learning programme;
  • Audit courses where the student is allowed to attend an academic course without receiving credit;
  • attendance at courses included in travel packages as an additional activity for tourists;
  • taking a course that is not academic or vocational, that is of general interest and can be completed within the period of authorized stay in Canada;
  • completing a course or program of study of six months or less, which may be completed during the period of authorized stay in Canada.

Not everyone is eligible to change their immigration status to student. Only people who are in Canada are eligible to apply for a study permit:

  1. holders of valid work or study permits in Canada and their family members;
  2. Holders of a temporary resident permit (TRP) that is valid for at least six months, and their family members. This is a NOT visitor's visa;
  3. people who are enrolled in pre-school, primary or secondary school in Canada;
  4. exchange students studying at a recognized Canadian institution (DLI);
  5. Individuals who have completed a short course or program of study that is a prerequisite for their enrolment at a recognized Canadian educational institution (DLI);
  6. Refugee claimants and those subject to forcible deportation from Canada;
  7. Applicants for permanent residence in Canada and their family members who are eligible for permanent resident (PR) status in one of the following classes: guardian, spouse or partner, protected persons and humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) applicants;
  8. Persons whose study permits have been approved by a visa centre outside of Canada, but whose permit was not issued at the point of entry;
  9. family members of athletes from Canadian sports teams, members of the media, clergy or military personnel assigned to Canada.

But what to do if you can't identify yourself with any of the items on the list? We advise you to pay attention to point 5! We will tell you about it at the end of the article.

The most common immigration status change

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