IELTS Preparation and Success Recommendations

IELTS Preparation and Success Recommendations

IELTS is an international English language test that you need to prepare for specifically, because it has its own features and difficulties.

In previous article we explained what IELTS is, how much it costs, and how to take it.

The IELTS English language test requires special preparation because it has its own peculiarities. For preparation, of course, you can attend special courses or hire a tutor, but if you have the required level of English, you can do it yourself. Provided that you have practice in the test, Intermediate level is good enough for ±6, Upper-Intermediate is ±7 — 7.5, Advanced is ±8 — 8.5.

Certainly there should be a basic level of English and a certain vocabulary, but specific skills can be obtained by working through 10-20 assignments from the Internet. Examples of IELTS tasks can be found on YouTube, — for example, on the channel IELTS Galaxyand engVid..

In this article we will tell you about the difficulties that arise when taking IELTS and how to overcome them, as well as give you valuable advice on preparing for and successfully passing IELTS.

Difficulties you face when taking IELTS

Questions and answer options that are confusing

In tests, there may often be questions constructed in such a way as to confuse the test taker. You must read the questions very carefully, as misinterpretation may cause you to answer incorrectly.

It is also worth noting that in the Listening part, where the answer to a question must be chosen from 3 options, there are no verbatim answers to the questions from the booklet in the played recording. Synonyms and expressions similar in meaning are used. You should also read the answer carefully and translate it.

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