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Canada celebrates its National Day and reflects on its future

Canada celebrates its National Day and reflects on its future

Celebrating unity and diversity. Canada Day brings the nation together.

On Canada Day, citizens across the country come together to celebrate their national identity and everything that makes their homeland unique. This holiday unites Canadians, wherever they may be, in a shared sense of pride for their country.

Celebrating Diversity and Unity

Canadians mark this day in various ways — from family barbecues to community events with neighbors. It's in these moments that the characteristics of Canadian society shine through: friendliness, mutual respect, and hospitality. The diversity of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds is considered one of the country's greatest strengths.

Natural Beauty and National Pride

Canada's natural landscapes, stretching from coast to coast, evoke a sense of pride in residents and awe in visitors. Canadians take pride in many aspects of their country, including the compassion, freedom, justice, and creativity of their people.

Looking to the Future

Canada Day is also an opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for a better future. Work continues towards achieving full inclusivity and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Canada is a story still being told. Let's take the best country on earth and make it even better.

The Minister of Canadian Heritage encourages citizens to participate in the numerous events taking place across the country to celebrate this special day and strengthen the sense of unity among Canadians.

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