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Georgian College: A University for Ambitious and Proactive Students

Georgian College: A University for Ambitious and Proactive Students

Generous scholarships and paid internships – a sea of opportunities for international students at one of Canada's top colleges.

Georgian College is a public college in Canada, established in 1967. It was founded during the early formation of the Ontario college system. Since then, the college has remained at the forefront of higher education progress in the country. Georgian College was the first in Ontario to offer students accredited paid internships during their studies.

All programs at Georgian College are designed to develop practical skills. Today, the college partners with 6,200 employers across the province who are willing to offer students internships. This focus on practical skills in real work conditions helps 90.3% of graduates secure permanent jobs with career prospects within just six months of graduation.

The college also actively collaborates with businesses and various enterprises to develop new technologies and innovative solutions. Thanks to these efforts, Georgian is the only college in Canada recognized as a Changemaker Campus by the international organization Ashoka U. This highlights the college's commitment to fostering initiative in its students, preparing them to make positive changes in the world.

Campuses and Location

The college has seven campuses, each serving as a hub of academic, social, and cultural life in their respective communities. The main campus is located in Barrie, with other campuses in Orillia, Owen Sound, Midland, Bracebridge, Orangeville, and Collingwood.

All these cities are within one and a half to two and a half hours' drive from Toronto. Thanks to well-developed infrastructure, various transportation options are available for travel: a bus departing directly from Georgian College or a train arriving at Union Station in Toronto.

Most programs are offered in Barrie. Barrie is a picturesque and rapidly developing city that combines industry, tourism, and education.

Barrie has a population of about 150,000 people. Despite being a small city, there is always something to do. Residents and visitors can enjoy beaches on Lake Simcoe, numerous cafes and restaurants, theaters, parks, art festivals, sports events, and much more. Since the city is only 90 kilometers north of Toronto, there is always the opportunity to visit the capital of Ontario.

Barrie is actively growing and has become a burgeoning tech hub in recent years. The city hosts data centers for major companies, including IBM and Bank of Montreal. Barrie is expected to become one of the best high-tech centers in Canada for smaller markets. Many graduates of Georgian College's IT programs find jobs in Barrie upon graduation.

Additionally, in 2023, Barrie was recognized as the safest city in Canada, which is significant for international students looking for a comfortable environment.

International Student Admissions at Georgian College

Georgian College warmly welcomes international students to its programs. Currently, more than 6,300 students from 86 countries study here. Thanks to continuous support from the administration and staff, particularly the International Center, each student quickly integrates into the community and feels like part of a large, ambitious team.

International students who are fortunate enough to study at Georgian College appreciate the warm welcome and assist in adapting to life in Canada. It is crucial for international students to understand the features of Canadian life, and internships are a significant part of their education. They not only introduce them to real work conditions but also allow them to add this experience to their resumes and CVs for future employers.


Programs at Georgian College

Georgian College is one of the largest colleges in Canada. Its scale is evident not only in the number of campuses and students but also in the extensive range of academic programs. At Georgian, every applicant can find something of interest to study.

More than 130 programs are spread across 13 fields:

  • Automotive Business;
  • Business and Management;
  • Community Safety;
  • Computer Studies;
  • Design and Visual Arts;
  • Engineering and Environmental Technologies;
  • Health, Wellness, and Sciences;
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation;
  • Social Services;
  • Indigenous Studies;
  • Humanities;
  • Marine Studies;
  • Skilled Trades.

In addition to a wide range of fields, Georgian College offers different types of programs.

  • Certificate — 1 year;
  • Diploma/Advanced Diploma — 2-3 years;
  • Bachelor’s Degree — 4 years;
  • Graduate Certificate — 1 year.

Since the focus is on practical skills, each program includes hands-on learning in labs, workshops, or even paid internships.

Alongside practical skills, significant attention is given to theoretical knowledge. Georgian College employs highly qualified and experienced instructors, and classes are conducted in small, student-centered groups, ensuring each student receives maximum attention from their instructors.

Paid Internships and Work Opportunities

Co-op and Internship at Georgian College

Georgian College offers paid internships (co-op) in about 40 programs. This study format combines academic semesters with work semesters. Student salaries typically start at $16.55 CAD per hour, depending on the company, field, and position.

Students in co-op and internship programs receive support from a dedicated team, including employer relations specialists, career experts, and job placement staff. This team helps students build their career paths and develop job search strategies for successful co-op experiences and post-graduation employment.

Georgian College works with thousands of employers across Canada, including industry leaders. Students in engineering, technical fields, and the automotive business gain practical experience and internships at companies like Honda of Canada, Magna International, and Toronto Hydro.

Moreover, all students enrolled in full-time programs can work during their studies both on and off campus. Currently, students are allowed to work 20 hours a week, and starting in the fall of 2024, the work hours for international students will increase to 24 hours per week.

Tuition Fees

The cost of programs at Georgian College varies depending on the level of study and the credential earned.

  • Certificate program — $17,170 CAD — $18,170 CAD;
  • Diploma program — $16,990 CAD — $29,200 CAD;
  • Graduate Certificate program — $17,900 CAD — $19,280 CAD;
  • Bachelor’s Degree program — $20,360 CAD — $20,450 CAD.

Tuition fees may include additional costs such as health insurance, a student ID card, and a transit pass. However, some programs may have extra fees not included in the tuition, such as protective clothing for labs or uniforms for workshops. Additionally, applicants must pay a $100 CAD registration fee when applying.

Awards and Scholarships

Scholarship at Georgian College

Georgian College is one of the most generous colleges in terms of scholarships and financial awards. Each year, the institution spends over $6 million CAD on financial support for students, including international ones. This financial aid can significantly reduce the cost of studying for international students.

International Entrance Awards

The International Entrance Award is $2,000 CAD and is available to students enrolling at Georgian College for the first semester.

To qualify for this scholarship, an international student must meet several requirements:

  • be enrolled in an academic program and submit a scholarship application on time;
  • have a high school GPA above average (not less than a B in the GPA system);
  • meet the required English language proficiency standards;
  • pay the tuition deposit before the scholarship application deadline.

To assess eligibility for the scholarship, Georgian College may consider a motivation letter, resume or CV, and other documents provided during the application process.

The college notifies students about the scholarship award via email shortly after they receive their acceptance letter.

International Student Leadership Award

This scholarship is available to international students who have demonstrated leadership qualities, earned a good academic reputation, and successfully completed at least one semester.

Applicants must show active participation in campus life (in student clubs, extracurricular activities, or competitions) or contributions to improving the student experience at the college.

The scholarship amount is $1,000 CAD. To apply, students must submit a cover letter online explaining why they deserve this scholarship.

There are other scholarships and financial awards that may be available to international students. The college also announces opportunities for scholarships from various external organizations. The scholarships and their criteria may change, so it is important to check for the latest information.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements at Georgian College

Admission requirements may vary depending on the program. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the entry requirements for the specific program you want to choose.

For academic programs resulting in a Certificate, Diploma ot Bachelor’s Degree, applicants must provide proof of completed secondary education. This includes submitting a high school diploma and a transcript of grades. Often, certain programs require high final grades in specific subjects.

For postgraduate programs, applicants must provide proof of higher education, including a university diploma and transcript. Additionally, a motivation letter explaining the choice of program and a resume detailing work experience, volunteer work, or internships are required.

English Language Requirements

Since instruction at Georgian College is in English, applicants must demonstrate sufficient proficiency for academic purposes. This can be done by providing English language test scores, which may vary depending on the program.

The college also accepts certificates of completion for preparatory language programs from partner organizations (e.g., University Pathway from ILAC), which are exempt from additional testing.

Average scores for English language tests required for Georgian College admission:

Language Test Type of Program
Certificate/Diploma Programs Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Programs
IELTS Academic 6.0 6.5 6.5
TOEFL IBT (Internet-based) 79 89 (minimum 22 in Writing and Speaking) 89 (minimum 22 in Writing and Speaking)
TOEFL (Paper-based) 550 580 580
CAEL 60 60 (minimum 50 in each component) 60 (minimum 50 in each component)
Duolingo Language Test 110 120 130
Pearson Test of Academic English 58 61 61

Admission Assistance

Our company, Immigrant.Today, is a partner of Georgian College. If you are interested in this institution and want to study there, we are happy to assist you with the admission process. Contact us for a consultation on education in Canada, and our expert will help you choose the right program and gather all necessary documents for free admission. Our visa consultants can also assist with applying for a Canadian student visa.

Studying at a Canadian institution offers a world-class education and a reliable pathway to immigrate to Canada. We are committed to making your admission process smooth and quick. Contact us and start your journey to Canada today!

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