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Educational institutions in Ontario are ready to welcome international students in 2024

Educational institutions in Ontario are ready to welcome international students in 2024

Ontario has announced the allocation of student places under new rules for international students. The province focuses on the needs and demands of the marketplace.

As previously reported, on January 22, 2024, the Government of Canada enacted a number of changes regarding student visas for international students. These included a cap on the number of international students and a system of attestation letters. After the changes had been adopted, each province began to independently allocate student places for foreigners at its own institutions.

On March 27, Ontario decided how many international students each college or university in the province will be able to admit. Priority was given to public institutions that will be able to train high quality professionals who are in demand in the Canadian labor market.

As a result, 96% of all study places for foreigners will be allocated to publicly assisted colleges and universities. The remaining 4% will be distributed among language schools, private universities and other educational organizations. Ontario's career colleges will not receive quotas for international students.

Priority training programs for foreigners will be those that are the most relevant and in demand in the labor market. These include skilled trades, health care, STEM, hospitality and childcare.

The enrollment of students in French will also be prioritized. At the moment, there is a great demand for French-speaking workers in the labor market.

After graduating from provincially approved institutions, international students will be able to apply for work permits. However, this will not affect students who are enrolled in colleges that are public-private partnerships.

If you want to start your studies in Canada, we recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation with our experts. They will help you choose the right institution and program for you, as well as prepare all the necessary documents to obtain a student visa.

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