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Fanshawe College: Education in Canada that Helps Unlock Your Potential

Fanshawe College: Education in Canada that Helps Unlock Your Potential

Strong academic programs, modern facilities, student support, a unique location, and great job prospects await you at one of Canada's top colleges.

Fanshawe College is a public college that opened in 1967. Over the years, more than 200,000 graduates have become sought-after professionals worldwide. Fanshawe is among the 5-6 largest colleges in Canada. It enrolls 29,000 students annually, with over 7,500 international students from more than 100 countries. The college has 7 campuses across Ontario.

Fanshawe College can confidently be called one of the best in Canada. The college emphasizes that studying at Fanshawe is about ambition, community, support, expertise, and fun. The college's motto is "Unlocking Potential".

There are several key reasons to study at Fanshawe College:

  • great location;
  • a diverse range of programs;
  • excellent learning conditions;
  • well-rounded development;
  • employment prospects.

London — an excellent choice for international students

Fanshawe College is located in Ontario, the second-largest and most populous province in Canada. Ontario is famous for its pleasant climate, outstanding nature, and numerous parks.

The city of London, where Fanshawe College's main campus is located, is also in this province. London is known in Canada and worldwide as a center for education and cutting-edge research, as well as an important business and cultural hub in Ontario. London's population is over 400,000, with about 20% being immigrants and every sixth resident being a student. It's one of the most vibrant, safest, and student-friendly cities in Canada, where you can enjoy great food, shopping, and life in general.

Study in London, Fanshawe

The city has an excellent location: within a couple of hours, you can reach Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Detroit in the US. The city is constantly developing, has an international airport, a national railway, and well-developed public transport.

London has a moderate climate and is also known as the "Forest City" with over 400 parks and 330 km of trails for walking, cycling, and hiking. The city is surrounded by the largest freshwater lakes in the world.

London has a strong economy with developed businesses and industries. It's home to many large Canadian and international companies, like Toyota, 3M, General Dynamics, and others. Some companies have moved their headquarters from Toronto to London due to its great geographical location and lower costs for real estate and business operations compared to big cities.

In conclusion, London is a very balanced place: it lacks many of the downsides of big cities while offering everything needed for comfortable living, work, and personal growth.

Wide range of programs

Programs at Fanshawe Collge

Fanshawe offers high-quality, career-oriented programs aimed at helping students achieve comprehensive personal development and professional goals. The unique learning environment helps students succeed not only academically but also personally.

The range of programs at Fanshawe College is vast and includes courses directly aimed at the job market in London and Ontario for those who wish to live and work in this beautiful place.

Fanshawe College offers more than 220 academic programs and levels to international students:

  • certificates (1-1.5 years of study);
  • diplomas (usually 2 years of study);
  • advanced diplomas (3 years of study);
  • bachelor's degrees (4 years of study);
  • graduate certificates (1-2 years of study).

More than 60 programs include paid co-op. This means that during their studies, students have the opportunity for a full-time work placement (usually one semester long) in their field, earning a full salary. The minimum wage is $16.55 CAD per hour (from October 2024 — $17.20 CAD).

The college offers many fields of study. The most popular ones include aerospace, tourism and hospitality, healthcare, IT, business, and management. But this is far from a complete list. Fanshawe College is especially proud of its aviation programs, where students get hands-on experience at London International Airport. Almost everyone can find a program that suits them.

The main advantages of educational programs at Fanshawe College are:

  • focus on skills needed for employment;
  • practical training, not just theory;
  • studies include projects that students largely work on independently;
  • teachers are industry professionals;
  • new programs are constantly created (over 30 new programs in the last 5 years);
  • the college gets feedback from industry representatives to make programs relevant to job market requirements.

Tuition for international students is $16,000-18,000 CAD per year. Adding additional fees, it comes to approximately $20,600 CAD. This amount includes medical insurance, a public transport pass, gym access, career counseling services, and airport pickup.

Excellent learning conditions

Study at Fanshawe College

The college campuses and study conditions at Fanshawe deserve special mention. As we've said, Fanshawe College has 7 campuses in different Ontario cities. Moreover, Fanshawe has 3 locations in London alone, each with its own advantages.

The largest campus, London Downtown Campus, located in the city center, has several faculties, including culinary arts, fine arts, and some IT programs. The London South campus mainly hosts graduate students. The third campus, London Campus, is located near London Airport. Students in transport, aviation, and aerospace technology programs study here.

There are also 5 regional campuses: in Simcoe, St. Thomas, Woodstock, and Central Huron. Some programs are available only at these campuses, although there are some programs taught at all locations.

The regional campuses are small and have a special atmosphere. They're located in small towns, where students live close to their teachers in a neighborly atmosphere and know each other well. Studying and living in such a place creates the impression of living in a close-knit community, almost like a family.

The learning conditions at the college meet all the most modern requirements and demands from students and prospective professional fields. It's important to gain experience working with cutting-edge equipment and in modern laboratories. In addition to labs and workshops equipped with the latest technology, the college has radio stations and a TV studio for media students, simulation labs with robot mannequins for future medical professionals, and an airport hangar where aviation program students practice on real aircraft.

The Innovation Village, located on the central London campus, deserves special attention. This spacious 95,000 sq ft building is specially designed to stimulate collaboration between industrial and community partners, students, and faculty. It creates conditions for creative meetings and joint work that promote research and innovation in every corner of the building.

Well-rounded development

The college's mission is to nurture not just a worker, but a well-rounded individual who possesses all the necessary soft skills that will help achieve success in various areas of life and are highly valued by modern employers.

Each program at Fanshawe College highlights at least three key skills that are particularly important for a successful career and future activities of graduates.

  • Novel and adaptive thinking, which promotes the ability to find non-standard and creative solutions to connect different concepts.
  • Resilience, which helps overcome difficulties and achieve goals despite challenges.
  • Social intelligence, which plays an important role in maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with others.
  • Self-directed learning, i.e., the ability to set and achieve personal learning goals, developing personally and professionally.
  • Global citizenship, which includes awareness of the global environment and our place in it.
  • Complex problem-solving, which helps find solutions to challenges in the professional field.
  • Implementation skills, which help in managing projects to achieve results, important for success at work.

Moreover, the college cares not only about the academic aspects but also about students' health, well-being, and interests. Students have access to sports centers where they can do various sports and keep fit. Here you can find a golf course, an ice rink for playing hockey (a Canadian favourite), badminton courts, and more. Entertainment is also available for those who prefer esports.

The college also has a student union that organizes entertainment events, competitions, and other activities where students can creatively express themselves and showcase their abilities. Various clubs welcome students who want to be a part of a community that shares their interests, hobbies, background, or new ideas.

Employment prospects

Employment prospects at Fanshawe

Fanshawe College ensures that students gain a profession and helps with their employment as well.

Fanshawe keeps in touch with industry leaders, considers employers' expectations, and does everything to ensure graduates meet these requirements. Moreover, if the province or city needs certain specialists and there's no corresponding training program at the college, the college develops and introduces such a program. By enrolling in most of the college's programs, you can be sure that you'll become a sought-after specialist.

In addition, Fanshawe offers career services. These include career counseling, job fairs, assistance in CV writing, job search support, and much more. Fanshawe College dedicated a separate webinar to promising employment directions and career services, the main points of which can be found in our article.

All this brings results. The percentage of Fanshawe College graduates who found work after studying is higher than the provincial average.

  • 77.1% of college graduates are satisfied with how they were able to apply their knowledge in their professional field 6 months after completing their studies.
  • 89.7% of graduates successfully find work within 6 months of completing their educational program.
  • 93.8% of employers express satisfaction with the skills of Fanshawe College graduates.

Admission to Fanshawe College

We are official representatives of Fanshawe College and are ready to help you with admission to this prestigious institution. Our team will offer you comprehensive support to make the admission process simple and convenient for you. We'll help you choose the most suitable study program, lobby for your interests at the college, and ensure effective interaction with the educational institution.

Moreover, we'll also assist in preparing all necessary documents and submitting an application for a student visa. Don't hesitate, contact us today to get a consultation on education in Canada and secure our professional support. You can fully rely on us in this important and exciting journey towards your academic and professional realization!

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