B.C. on the cusp of a demographic takeoff

B.C. on the cusp of a demographic takeoff

A new immigration wave promises to transform the province.

The number of people living in the province of British Columbia is expected to grow to 7.9 million by 2046. These figures were derived from statistics showing record population growth rates over the past half-century.

The latest report released by B.C. government agencies, based on publicly available sources, looks at demographics important for shaping public policy and developing social services. According to the report, the number of residents will increase by 44% from the current number of 5.5 million recorded in 2023.

This report indicates that the expected population growth is a result of increased federal immigration quotas and changes in immigration policy. It is worth noting that the birth rate in British Columbia remains below the Canadian average, plus the region's population is characterized as relatively elderly.

Between July 2022 and July 2023, B.C.'s population increased by 3%, the highest annual increase since 1974.

According to the document, temporary residents currently make up 8.2% of the province's total population. Immigrants are projected to take up to 46% of all newly created jobs in British Columbia in the next 10 years.

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