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Online job fair for sawmill workers

Online job fair for sawmill workers

Your chance to start your career in Canada.

One of Canada's Atlantic provinces is looking for sawmill workers from overseas. To this end, New Brunswick is organizing a job fair that will be held online. An exact date for the event has not yet been set.

This fair is looking for professionals with experience in one specific profession — sawmill machine operators. According to the province's website, preference will be given to applicants from Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal, but there are no restrictions on registration for applicants from other countries.

Experience in the occupation must be at least one year (total of 1,560 hours / 30 hours per week) in continuous full-time employment or equivalent in hours in a part-time position within the last five years. Only paid work is considered — volunteering and unpaid internships do not count.

Like other similar events in New Brunswick, the fair is private. This means that anyone can fill out an application form, and the organizers contact the successful candidates, who are then given all sorts of details.

The questionnaire can be filled out on the website. The process should be taken seriously, because after each of the 5 steps of filling it out, it is impossible to go back and add/change data. Candidates need to leave personal information (first name, last name, email, country of study), as well as answer questions about relevant work experience, level of education, and driving license.

In addition, it is advisable to include your federal and provincial immigration records (if available), and attach a Canadian-style CV. If you need assistance with your CV or registration, please contact our experienced consultants.

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