Saskatchewan raises age limit for tobacco purchases

Saskatchewan raises age limit for tobacco purchases

The province is tightening controls on the sale of tobacco-containing products as early as Feb. 1.

In response to growing concerns about the health of young people, the province of Saskatchewan in Canada has updated its legal framework regarding the sale of tobacco products and vape devices. Beginning February 1, 2024, the minimum age to purchase these products will be raised from 18 to 19. This decision was unanimously passed by local legislators in October 2023 and made public through a press release.

In a statement, Saskatchewan Health Minister Everett Hindley emphasized the importance of taking action:

"It is important for us to protect Saskatchewan youth from the dangers of tobacco and vapour products."

He also expressed satisfaction that the legislation was approved without objection and noted that the purpose of the change is to eliminate these products from the school environment.

To ensure compliance with the new requirements, retailers will need to continue to verify the age of customers. Proof of age will be verified by government-issued identification that includes a photo, date of birth and signature, such as a driver's license or passport.

In addition, the changes also affect visual information for shoppers. Retailers will need to update information signs to comply with the new minimum age limit. The signs must be placed in the checkout area so that they are clearly visible to customers at the point of purchase of tobacco products and vape products.

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