A helicopter crash in British Columbia killed three people

A helicopter crash in British Columbia killed three people

The rescue operation and investigation into the incident is ongoing.

A tragic helicopter crash Monday around 4:15 p.m. about 50 kilometers west of Terrace, B.C., killed three people. Four others were seriously injured. The survivors were quickly transported by two other helicopters to waiting paramedics who transported the injured to the Terrace Hospital.

What kind of helicopter is that?

All three helicopters were part of a heli-ski group. Heli-skiing is a type of skiing that refers to freeride, i.e. skiing off-piste. The peculiarity of heli-skiing is that helicopters are used to transport skiers and snowboarders to the top of the slopes. This allows athletes and enthusiasts to access remote and untouched snow slopes that are not accessible by conventional elevators.

Heli-ski descents are often organized by specialized companies that provide not only transportation, but also the services of guides who know the terrain and can ensure the safety of participants.

The crash and the fate of the victims

Locals reported a loss of communication with one of the helicopters even before the wreckage was found in the snowfield.

Upon the arrival of the four survivors, a code orange was declared at the hospital, a mode that allows for maximum efficiency in organizing care for mass casualty arrivals. British Columbia Emergency Medical Services reported that three air ambulance planes and five ground ambulances were deployed to provide emergency care to the survivors.

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