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Saskatchewan is actively recruiting foreign nurses

Saskatchewan is actively recruiting foreign nurses

The province is expanding its hospital staff thanks to Philippine immigrants.

The Province of Saskatchewan is experiencing a significant influx of health professionals. Authorities have reported on the success of their cooperation with the Philippines: 21 nurses have already completed their training and started their duties in various communities in the region. More foreign professionals are expected to join the local health care system soon.

Health Minister Everett Hindley expressed his joy on the occasion:

"I am very pleased that a large number of the Filipino nurses have now arrived in the province and their transition to successfully joining Saskatchewan's workforce is well underway."

He also noted that he looks forward to seeing these nurses embedded in health care teams across the province and making important contributions to patient care.

A total of 131 Filipino nurses have already arrived in Saskatchewan. More than 400 more nurses with foreign degrees have received job offers in the province.

In addition, the Saskatchewan Health Authority reported significant success in hiring local nursing graduates. Since December 2022, approximately 970 new nurses have been hired from Saskatchewan and other Canadian provinces and territories.

Saskatchewan's population is growing rapidly, which means the province needs to continually expand its health care workforce — including doctors. Since September 2021, the province has hired 259 physicians, 39 of them foreign professionals. That number includes 105 family physicians and 154 other health care workers.

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