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Registration is open for a major online job fair

Registration is open for a major online job fair

It will be held in March for French-speaking professionals.

The Destination Canada regular forum has announced registration for its next event. The main goal is to help Canadian employers looking for foreign employees in shortage areas. This time the forum will be limited to one sector — education.

A forum called Destination Canada Education will be held online March 1 and 2, 2024. This virtual job fair is designed for francophone and bilingual candidates with training and experience in early childhood education, teaching in elementary and secondary schools, or teaching French as a second language.

The fair is open to people already in Canada with a study or work permit, as well as those living abroad. Participation is free, but by invitation only. To receive an invitation you must:

What you'll get out of the forum:

  • You will be able to contact Canadian employers and apply for specific jobs;
  • Will be able to interview via chat or video link;
  • Learn the steps in the process of becoming accredited to work as an educator or as an elementary or secondary school teacher in Canada;
  • Meet with representatives from Canada's provinces and territories who will present their education system and specific immigration programs;
  • Learn about intermediate education programs for those interested in studying in Canada;
  • You will be able to attend specialized conferences and find information about the intricacies of working in Canada, both on a temporary and permanent basis.

The Destination Canada Forum is an annual event organized by the Government of Canada. It allows qualified French-speaking and bilingual applicants to learn about Canada's various immigration programs.

The event brings together francophone organizations working to build Canada's francophone communities and Canadian employers looking for employees. The last such forum was held in late 2023 in France, Morocco and also online.

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