Summer camp in Fanshawe College in 2024

Summer camp in Fanshawe College in 2024

An opportunity to learn English, get to know Canada, and learn about higher education and career prospects in the country.

Winter has just begun and Canada's educational institutions are already getting ready for summer. Following ILAC and Tamwood, one of Canada's largest colleges, Fanshawe, shares details of its English as a Second Language and Career Exploration summer program.

This is a unique opportunity for teens to improve their English, learn about higher education in Canada and the career opportunities it offers, and get to know this wonderful country and student life there.

Summer camp from Fanshawe College

Unlike other camps for children and teens, Camp Fanshawe is geared towards those who are thinking about attending a Canadian college. Not only do they learn English, go on excursions and socialize with peers from around the world, but they also experience first-hand what higher education is like in Canada.

The camp is open to children ages 14-17. The program lasts from July 14 to August 4 (3 weeks) and includes:

  • 15 hours of English per week;
  • training materials;
  • events every weekday afternoon;
  • weekend excursions;
  • living on a college campus in the city of London, Ontario;
  • public transportation pass;
  • 3 meals a day;
  • health insurance;
  • meeting at the airport and seeing you off to the airport.

Summer camp from Fanshawe College

During events and workshops, teens will learn about studying at Fanshawe College in the following departments:

  • business;
  • IT;
  • tourism and hospitality;
  • contemporary media;
  • design;
  • applied science and technology;
  • transportation technologies;
  • health science and nursing;
  • building technologies;
  • languages and liberal studies;
  • public safety.

The conditions for the children are more than comfortable. They live in a residence hall on the main campus of Fanshawe College. Rooms are provided in 4-bedroom, 2-bath apartments. Each residence has high-speed internet, furniture, and an equipped kitchen. Housekeeping by college staff is provided.

There is 24-hour security on campus, and the reception desk is staffed 24 hours a day in case a child needs anything. Public transportation routes pass close to the campus.

Why choose Fanshawe College's summer program?

Why choose Fanshawe College's summer program?

The English as a Second Language and Career Exploration program is very intense and will definitely not bore teens. 5 days a week they will have 3 hours of English in a program developed by the Fanshawe College English Department and accredited by Languages Canada.. The program will improve grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Each day, students will also attend tours, lectures, demonstrations and workshops from Fanshawe teachers, other educational institutions and industry representatives. During these activities, students will learn about careers in demand in Canada and how to enter them, and even try their hand at different jobs through interactive activities.

A weekend at Camp Fanshawe is a chance to get to know Canada better. London is one of the premier cities in southwestern Ontario and has a rich history and attractions that you would be remiss not to explore. But don't think that your child's introduction to Canada will be limited to London.

The first week of camp will conclude with a Saturday trip to Toronto, Canada's largest metropolis and one of North America's most vibrant cities. The second weekend will be spent at the world-famous Niagara Falls. The last weekend of the program will be remembered by a visit to one of the main amusement parks of Canada — Canada's Wonderland, known far beyond the maple leaf country. There is a wonderful water park on the territory, so it is worth bringing a swimsuit.

The Sundays of the first and second week will be more relaxed. They can be spent enjoying London's parks, museums and historic sites, socializing with peers or relaxing after a busy 6 days to prepare for the new week.

The Fanshawe College summer program can be a great "rehearsal" for student life in Canada for a prospective student. If you are not completely sure that you want to send your child to receive higher education in Canada, or you are just thinking about it, attending such a camp will be a great solution. And a pleasant bonus will be that the child will improve English, get new knowledge and a sea of bright impressions that will be remembered for a long time.



The cost to go to camp is CAD 5,800. This amount includes everything except airfare, visa and pocket money.

How to go to summer camp

We are partners with Fanshawe College, so we would gladly help your child attend a summer camp at this institution. If you live in Canada and are interested in this offer, please contact us at

If you are not in Canada, you must first make an appointment for a consultation with a visa specialist as you will need a student visa to attend the camp. You can sign up for the camp now, and we recommend you don't delay because it can take a long time to get your visa.

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