ILAC Language School opens new opportunities for those already in Canada

ILAC Language School opens new opportunities for those already in Canada

Evening English classes resume on the Toronto campus.

We have a long and fruitful cooperation with the English language school ILAC and we recommend it to everyone who needs to learn English. Lately ILAC has been delighting one big news after another. And now it's time for another big announcement: ILAC's evening school is coming back!

Starting September 25 (Monday), ILAC Dream Building campus in picturesque Toronto is launching 2 evening English programs for those already in Canada who prefer to study in the evening.

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Who would this program be a good fit for?

  • working adults who need to improve their English in order to advance in their careers;
  • adults who need to pass IELTS;
  • family members of ILAC students who traveled with their loved ones to Canada.

ILAC want to launch programs for people with any level of English, but the announced programs are for students with already good basic knowledge.

The IELTS Preparation Program will help students understand the structure and content of the test, teach time management and teach the most effective strategies for taking IELTS (both Academic and General). Students will learn the best techniques and skills needed to get the score they want for the exam, as well as boost their confidence, which is critical to test-taking success. ILAC utilizes cutting-edge teaching techniques and study materials. You'll also get plenty of practice and mock tests, which is essential in preparation.

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