Saskatchewan seizes sex education materials

Saskatchewan seizes sex education materials

The Minister of Education believes that they are too explicit for children.

The Minister of Education Saskatchewan has ordered the removal of sex education materials from schools. He is demanding that all manuals be age-appropriate for students.

Sex education is a controversial subject. In fact, it is not as scary as some people imagine: children are not taught debauchery or violence, nor are they inclined to a certain sexual orientation. Rather, it is boring and looks like a hybrid of biology and life skills. It teaches students about sexual health, STDs, contraception, preparing for pregnancy and childbirth, parenthood, menstruation, and human hormones. Some educational materials may shock children if presented to them too early. For example, second graders should not watch epidural anesthesia and C-sections.

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This time, the minister's displeasure was caused by materials provided by the Planned Parenthood Centre. Employees of this organization held lectures and class hours in the cities of Saskatchewan. They were devoted to contraception and prevention of venereal diseases. After one of these classes, ninth-grade students picked up a brochure with explicitly pornographic content. It was this brochure that caught the attention of the Minister of Education. He ordered that all such teaching materials be confiscated and investigated. In his opinion, it was too early for children to see such things.

The Planned Parenthood Center has already repented and explained the situation. The frank brochure is not educational material and was not intended for children. After the lecture, a representative of the organization left various informational pamphlets on the table in the auditorium that it produces for educational purposes. Inadvertently, there was a brochure designed for people aged 18-29. Curious schoolchildren rushed to pick it up.

The Center does produce such materials, but they are not addressed to children. They are upset that the Ministry of Education has not contacted them to clarify the situation. Representatives of the clinic assure that such manuals will no longer appear in schools.

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