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Expert help with immigration to Canada: feedback on the VIP consultation

Expert help with immigration to Canada: feedback on the VIP consultation

"The consultation is definitely worth the money."

Immigration to Canada is a dream of many people around the world. The country is known for its high standard of living, decent wages, quality education, tolerance, and safety. Canada is also very loyal to immigrants and welcomes more than 400,000 newcomers every year.

Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. provides legal visa and immigration services. By contacting the professionals, you will be confident in the correct selection of immigration program and filing documents.

First you should book an initial consultation, where our specialist will assess your chances of permanent residency, suggest an appropriate immigration way, explain the nuances and answer your questions.

We invite you to read a consultation review with our leading expert, Ivanтa Pavlenko:

"I greatly appreciate the work you do.

I made an appointment for an hour VIP consultation concerning immigration to Canada with Ivanna Pavlenko on the 5th of April after a few months of doubt. I made up my mind when I saw Ivanna in a video on the Youtube channel ImmigrantToday. I could see her manner of communication, she seemed to be a nice person. Besides, I checked her license on the Internet. When I saw that it was OK, I made an appointment.

One thing that embarrassed me was the price. It was another reason why I put off my decision to take a consultation with Ivanna. Subsequently, I did not regret my decision. Her consultation is definitely worth its price. Surely, there were other immigration consultants, but the nearest date of their availability was a month, while Ivanna was available in approximately 10 days.

Another advantage is the convenience of payment. I could pay by a debit card in a few seconds while others required PayPal. The consultation started on time. I had sent lots of questions concerning immigration to Canada and life there a few days in advance.

My case was not easy. My profession was ambiguous in terms of NOC. Eventually, Ivanna helped me to define my NOC and managed to answer my numerous questions. Two weeks later I received the report containing my immigration chances. I found out which immigration programs I can apply for.

To sum up, I am completely content with the consultation with Ivanna and would recommend her to others."

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