Gift from ILAC language school in honour of KISS program anniversary

Gift from ILAC language school in honour of KISS program anniversary

Get 2 weeks of free English!

ILAC is the largest language school that offers learning options both online and on-campus in Toronto and Vancouver, with English classes taught by teachers from Canada who are native speakers.

Our company has been working with the Canadian language school ILAC since the ILAC Kiss online study program opened.

We have sent hundreds of students to ILAC language school. Many students who had a basic knowledge of English have already reached the Advanced and Proficiency levels, and some have already moved to Canada.

How do I get the gift?

Want to move to Canada? We provide support in immigration matters and assist with obtaining a visa. Book a consultation to discuss your situation with our licensed specialists and find out how we can help make your dream come true.

To get two weeks as a gift you only need to fulfill 2 points:

  1. Book and pay tuition for any program at ILAC Kiss for 12 weeks or more between March 27-31.
  2. Your ILAC Kiss class must start within 4 weeks of booking.

English programs

You can choose from several programs to learn English at ILAC:

  • General English
  • Cambridge English
  • Business English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • University Pathway Program

What are lessons at a Canadian language school like?

ILAC Kiss teaches online at Zoom Monday through Friday (or Sunday through Thursday) for three hours a day.

You can choose several time slots when lessons take place:

Temporary slots to study in a Canadian language school

  • classes are held in English only;
  • lessons take place in small groups with other international students;
  • the school has students from 75 countries:
  • during the class you communicate not only with the teacher but also with your groupmates, you adapt and begin to perceive different accents;
  • the full-time program is designed to master one level of English in 4 weeks;
  • teachers are excellent professionals who teach an effective program that has shown results for thousands of students;
  • lessons are full of interaction, communication, and interesting activities; you are immediately immersed in the language environment and actively practice speaking with students worldwide.

Who can participate?

This promotion applies to new students as well as to those who are already enrolled in the language school.

Tuition costs

If you book 12 weeks of classes, the total cost including the registration fee and textbooks is CAD 1,670 or about USD 1,210.

As a reminder, you will also receive two weeks of English for free.

That is, you will get as much as 14*15=210 hours of learning English. The cost of one hour will be about USD 5.76.

If you have already studied at ILAC Kiss, you do not need to pay the registration fee of CAD 110!

The promotion is limited in time!

If you have long wanted to learn English with a native speaker, we suggest you register right now and get free weeks as a gift.

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