Feedback on the consultation about immigration to Canada through education

Feedback on the consultation about immigration to Canada through education

"We realized in which direction we needed to go."

To immigrate to Canada, you need to invest a lot of effort and knowledge. It is very difficult to understand everything on your own. That's why our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. offers immigration and visa services with a licensed professional.

One sure way to move to Canada is to enter a college or university. After graduation, you receive a work permit and additional immigration programs are available to you.

To make a detailed plan of immigration through education, select a college and study program you need book an initial consultation.

We suggest reading a detailed review of our company's work from Valerie and Alex:

"My husband and I recently took a consultation with Ivanna Pavlenko on immigrating to Canada through education. I have been subscribed to Alex's YouTube and Telegram channels not so long ago, and I also follow updates on the website. I really like the presentation of information, everything is in an accessible language and in a simple manner, and I have the impression that this family can be trusted.

Since I signed up and till the consultation, we were constantly in touch with the manager, who checked the receipt of a bank transfer (we are from Russia), provided a link to the record, advised on the conversion time (we have a 15-hour time difference), I received an answer to any question very quickly.

On the appointed day we didn't sleep, we had to stay up until two in the morning, but it was worth it! Ivanna was very accommodating, constantly clarified whether everything was clear, we stopped at some points longer. She explained the truth without embellishment about immigration through education, the costs associated with it, the level of English required, and the options for language tests.

I filled out the questionnaire on Alex and Ivanna's website in advance to assess my chances of immigrating to Canada. Ivanna had already looked it over and had an idea about our family. Moreover, she gave the advice that was right for us. At first, we had one candidate to study, but at the end of the consultation, we realized in which direction we needed to go next and changed our plans.

I have only positive impressions from the consultation. The person was very tactful, polite, attentive and responsive. Even just chatting for a couple of minutes on minor topics was a pleasure! It was a very heartwarming conversation! Thank you for your work! We wish you success in such a wonderful business! We will definitely see you in Canada!

P.S. I would like to add that a month ago we fell for fraudsters who even called us (after registering in their Telegram bot) and described how good and wonderful everything was and how easily they could help us. Just fill out the forms and transfer $100 to the card of an unknown person. Of course after checking the information we stopped and did not fall for the bait. Beware of such people! Be careful! Alex and Ivanna, you could say, "always in sight", the feedback is fast, transfers are all official with the purpose of payment, plus conducting personal social networks, of course, dispose to them!"

Valeria and Alex

If you too want to move to Canada through education, book a consultation with Ivanna, a Canadian licensed immigration consultant.

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