Feedback on immigration support with a licensed professional

Feedback on immigration support with a licensed professional

"Just the consummate professionals of their business!"

Immigrating to Canada is a time-consuming process that can be difficult to figure out on your own. Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. offers visa and immigration services with a licensed specialist.

To draw up an immigration strategy, you should book an initial consultation. Our specialist will assess your chances of becoming a permanent resident in Canada, select the suitable program and explain the nuances of relocation in your case.

Here is a detailed review of work with our company from Irina and her family:

"To say that we are very pleased with the work of Ivanna and Alex's team is nothing to say! These guys are simply unsurpassed professionals. We can say so because we have something to compare: we already used the services of other local Canadian immigration consultants and found a huge difference in the approach to work. For example, let us list some significant differences:

Speed of communication. Alex and Ivanna responded to emails instantly, no matter what time of day, day of the week, or even when they were on vacation! The same applied to all the documents — everything that needed to be urgently added to the visa application, get additional information from the college, etc., everything was done as quickly as possible, literally on the same day. Other Canadian consultants were very slow; it took them a month to send our documents, and it was impossible to contact them outside of working hours, weekends, and holidays, not to mention vacations. We even felt awkward in front of Ivanna and Alex, sending an email late at night in the hope that they would read it in the morning, but we got an answer immediately! Guys, seriously, we appreciate your concern for your clients, but you have to sleep once in a while!

Full client support. Every visa case is unique, and we were pleasantly surprised that Ivanna and Alex were willing to go beyond the contract and provide extra help in the most unforeseen circumstances. Of course, other consultants simply refused to help in matters not specified in the contract with them; they answered: "sort it out yourselves!"

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