What categories of goods do Canadians spare no expense on?

What categories of goods do Canadians spare no expense on?

The end of 2022 retail sales brought in $62.7 billion CAD. And that's a 5.1% increase over the same period in 2021. What's in demand?

Despite high prices, inflation and a slight drop in the economy, Canadians continue to live and spend money on necessary goods. The Statistics Canada department of the Canadian government has analyzed all retail sales of goods and compiled a list of the most popular ones. How did Canadians spend money in 2022?


Despite continued increases in fuel prices at gas stations, most Canadians are not ready to give up their personal vehicles. Higher auto and household fuel sales (24.9%) contributed the most in the autumn.


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Although car purchases were up only 1.5 per cent over the same period last year, vehicles still made the list of the most purchased items. But this year, Canadians favoured used cars: minivans, SUVs and light trucks.


Sales of fresh products, namely fruits and vegetables, showed the greatest demand. In 2022 non-alcoholic beverages were very actively bought. The number of sales of alcohol is 2 times less than that of soft drinks and carbonated beverages.

Garden equipment

Sales of garden tools, equipment repair and lawn care products and gardening supplies increased during the fall.

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