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What professions will be in demand in Canada in 2023

What professions will be in demand in Canada in 2023

Experts have repeatedly stressed that Canada needs skilled workers. Unemployment in 2022 showed a record low level, but there are still many vacancies.

It is no secret that many people come to Canada for a better life and a stable and high wage. Hourly wages have increased over the past year, and there are plans to raise them in 2023 as well. But there is still a shortage of skilled workers. There is a particularly acute shortage in 3 categories.


In 2023, Canada is poised to welcome large numbers of immigrants with computer skills in a variety of fields. The country needs skilled professionals as digitalization of all walks of life gathers pace. Experts say that the government should support digital and STEM education not only in universities and colleges but also in schools.


The demand for housing is enormous, and it grows every year. But in real estate trading, there is a shortage of specialists and a large number of elderly workers.

Experts say that more than 128,400 workers across Canada will retire in the residential construction sector by 2031, but only 102,100 will enter the field.

Medical workers

An acute shortage of medical workers has been going on for years, leading to waiting lists and department closures. All medical workers with international credentials must go through the long process of obtaining a Canadian license. But the authorities are keen to ensure that foreign healthcare workers can start working in lower-level positions even without a Canadian license. Canada's population is beginning to grow and age at the same time. Therefore, the country is in great need of medical workers.

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