Kindergartens became cheaper, but a new problem arose

Kindergartens became cheaper, but a new problem arose

As part of the agreements, many parents across Canada have seen their child's daycare fees go down. On average, the amount has decreased by 50%, but teachers are sounding the alarm.

Under the bill, preschool fees would drop to $10 CAD per day in all provinces by 2026. That means more working parents will be able to send their children to kindergartens for learning.

But representatives of kindergartens are afraid of there will not be enough places for everyone who wants them. Workers are also concerned about the shortage of teachers. This problem has existed for a long time, which has led to long waiting lists for any kindergarten.

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The program requires provinces to create new jobs with money allocated by the federal government for this purpose.

Many analysts say that the key problem of staffing shortages in preschools is salaries. According to 2021 statistics, kindergarteners and kindergarten assistants earned an average of $26,760 CAD per year.

The salary is not commensurate with the responsibility, the amount of work, and the energy required. All of this makes the teaching profession unattractive. Although in 2022 many provinces increased their pay.

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