Canada intends to contribute to space exploration

Canada intends to contribute to space exploration

The country is preparing to carry out an important NASA mission.

On November 14, Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne announced a contract with Canadensys Aerospace Corporation to produce Canada's first lunar rover. The deal costs the government $43 million CAD. Thanks to the cooperation of the Canadian Space Agency and NASA, the moon rover will fly in 2026.

This will be the first time ever that a Canadian spacecraft lands on the Moon. The rover will participate in the search for water ice in the lunar soil. This is a key area of future human exploration of space. The Canadian lunar rover will carry six payloads — tools that will help in its mission. Five of them will be Canadian and one will be American.

"Designing a rover that can withstand the harsh lunar environment is extremely complex, but today is proof that Canada's space industry thrives on challenges and is ready to exceed expectations," said Minister Champagne. — This would not have been possible without Canadian ambition, skills and our talented workers."

In terms of conditions, the rover will be able to operate in the polar regions of the Moon, where there is no direct sunlight and where temperatures drop to -200 °C. Canadensys will work on the vehicle together with numerous partners: industrial companies, universities, and international organizations.

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