It's happening! Canada is ready to ease entry restrictions


After prolonged quarantine measures, the country is ready to ease them up.

The federal government of Canada plans to remove restrictions that apply to those entering the country. The COVID-19 vaccination requirement will be eliminated, random COVID-19 testing at airports will cease, and the government's ArriveCAN application will become optional. The relaxations apply to air, land and sea borders and are scheduled on September 30.

Travelers must now be fully vaccinated to enter Canada and must download the ArriveCAN app and fill out their personal information, vaccination status, and the customs declaration form before traveling. At airports, arriving people are randomly selected to be tested for COVID-19. Canada adopted such sanitary measures along with other countries, but they have already been eliminated in most states.

Restrictions greatly hamper the work of airports, where large queues of passengers have been accumulating for a long time. The ArriveCAN app has been criticized for insufficient security of personal data. There were also cases when the app mistakenly sent out notifications to people about the need to self-isolate.

In addition, the government is under pressure from the tourism and aviation sectors, which argue that quarantine measures discourage tourists, hinder recovery from the pandemic, and Canada is lagging behind other countries in lifting restrictions.

It is reported that the cabinet has not yet finally approved the abolition of sanitary measures.

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